Mark Allon

VR Developer – Unity3D & Unreal Engine 4

Originally educated in the fine arts of Film and Video I first started a career as Sound Engineer. With the advent of digital media I decided to go back to school and re-educate myself. Since then I have created motion graphics, digital video productions, Flash and Flex based web applications and Flash games before switching to Unity as my main tool in 2010.

As a Unity developer I have mostly worked for mobile platforms. My strengths are optimisation, attention to detail and a desire for experimentation.

Currently I dedicate myself to Virtual Reality. I own a Samsung GearVR, HTC Vive and an Oculus DK2. In my opinion VR offers not only a great future for gaming, but also for education, health, therapy, storytelling and architectural visualization.

My tool of choice is Unity. I find it a very versatile and user friendly tool which offers many possibilities. Since I have worked with it for a long time and very intensively I have come to know it quite well. For architectural visualisation however my tool of choice is the Unreal Engine. The rendering quality of Unreal exceeds that of Unity and therefore really gives an edge to archviz projects.  Apart from these tools I also use Substance Designer, Substance Painter and a bit of Maya and Photoshop.

I am based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Virtual Reality Development